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Tuesday, March 09, 2010
Reading Throne Price

Always pleased to hear about a new reader about to embark on the ORU adventure ...


Monday, February 15, 2010
Facebook and E-mail from Old Friends
Recently received two lovely messages from old friends who are getting "into" or back into the saga and refreshed connections with two others. All four are men and they like more than just the "Horth" book. :-) So I am proud to share their comments. These days there are so many ways to get messages! One of the two below came via e-mail and one via facebook. I saw the third reader-friend, Garth Frizzel, in Books & Company where he told me he picked up a copy of Far Arena in Ontario and enjoyed it. He said "hi" on behalf of another of my favorite ORU readers, his friend and partner in business, Rémi Després-Smyth, who is now living in the maritimes.

Hal Friesen

Hal is pursuing post-graduate studies in physics. I met him when he was an undergraduate student at UNBC. He writes stories about Nester Nersal for ORU legacies anthologies. I received the following from him earlier in Feb, by e-mail. The message repeated below was originally posted on facebook.

Hi Lynda,

I recently finished Far Arena. I loved it. The cultural clashes were so well done and all of the beautiful characters played off each other magnificently. I couldn't put it down during the scenes on the Kali, and there was incredible tension throughout despite the fact that most of it took place in Erien's home. I laughed out loud when Horth got cats out of the trade deal, and I was terrified when Amel was being questioned.

I'll probably write a better review for Amazon but I just wanted to let you know that I thought it was awesome :) I can't wait for what's next!


David Juniper

David Juniper worked for me in the early Centre for Teaching and Learning at the University of Northern B.C. We had great times promoting the educational use of technology in the early days of the popularization of the internet. David moved eastward and works in digital arts.

I have (finally) started reading Throne Price, and I love it!! Somehow
the time had to be right before I started reading it, which is why I
carried it across Alberta and down to Vancouver. Now I cannot put it
down! You and Alison are truly gifted writers, and I look forward to
reading my way through all the Okal Rel books ...:)I love that the Gelack word for peace shares a common root with the word for shame ;-)Thank you for such an amazing work.[David Juniper February 11 at 8:46am]

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