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Tuesday, March 16, 2010
Lynda and Krysia speak at Creative Writing Class
Krysia Anderson Krysia Anderson, author of Misfit Leaves Home, forthcoming from the Okal Rel Legacies series in the summer of 2010, answers questions from creative writing students in Dr. Dee Horne's class, March 11, at the University of Northern B.C. Krysia teamed up with Lynda Williams for a one hour presentation on the Okal Rel Universe. Her novella features a half-Vrellish/half-Demish character named Victoria who first appeared in the Opus 2 anthology in a story called "Ladylike".

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Thursday, June 11, 2009
Okal Rel Universe presentation at 3:30 pm today will take place in the Bentley Centre at UNBC

Today's Okal Rel Universe presentation: "The Creative Campfire of Science Fiction", will take place at 3:30 pm today in the beautiful Bentley Centre of the University of Northern B.C. Many, many thanks to the organizers, especially Dr. Robert Budde and Bridges convener Joanna Smythe; to the Bookstore in the person of manager Mardeana Berg; the awesome Barry Wong of copy services at UNBC; Publisher Brian Hades for putting books on a Greyhound for us last night; David Lott for taking the day off to help and wearing his Ann T-Shirt!; Jennifer Lott for helping me organize; performers Tegan, Holly, Jennifer and Mel for working up the role-play skit; Paul Strickland for organizing bios of Okal Rel contributors and supporters; Steph or Conrad for agreeing to video the event; Elizabeth Woods for organizing the readings by anthology authors on Saturday and Janet Marren, Community Outreach Librarian of the Prince George Public Library, for making the Saturday readings part of Bridges.

For more about the Bridges Festival celebrating community and the arts see:

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Saturday, June 06, 2009
Thank you cards from Skeena Jr. Secondary School

Received two lovely thank you cards from the classes of Graham Wojdak and Shannon Benmore of Skeena Jr. Secondary School in Terrace, B.C. I've mounted them in the Okal Rel Gallery of graphics as links below a picture of students from Shannon Benmore's class with ORU buttons subbed in as the background.

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Monday, May 18, 2009
Lynda Williams staging mock challenge under sword law with Terrace B.C. teacher Al Lehmann

Here's one of the pictures from my classroom visit with Al Lehmann's creative writing students, in Terrace B.C. last week. Al and I are about to demonstrate a bit of sword law.

See more pictures from the trip in the Terrace May 2009 event page on the ORU site.

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Ev Bishop May 12 2009 at Cafenara meeting of SF Creatives

May 12, 2009, at Cafenara in Terrace, B.C., Michelle Milburn and I met members of Ev Bishop's writer group for an SF Creatives night. We introduced ourselves, talked about our interests and writing experiences, and all who felt so inclined read from works of their own or others. Among those present were Jesse Longpre, who read from Part 3: Pretenders; Jessi Lynn Bell who read from Death Wesley; Ev Bishop who read from her story "Cold"; and A.C. Sharp.

Click for more pictures from my visit to Terrace in May 2009, on the ORU site.

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Friday, May 15, 2009
Terrific Terrace
Author Lynda Williams with Shannon Benmore's English class Skeena Junior Secondary School Terrace May 14 2009

Many pictures and memories to share about my visit to Terrace this week! I'll do a serious job of it on the weekend. Thought this one might convey the feeling until then! Shannon Benmore's class at Skeena Junior Secondary School wanted to do a class picture after some fun conversation, button sharing, elevator speeches about the book they're reading for class, show and tell and fencing demos. Skeena Junior Secondary School also gave me a commemorative hoodie. In haste, many thanks to: Ev Bishop for helping me organize my visit (pictures of me with her writing group at Cafenara will be forth-coming), artist Michelle Milburn for sharing the drive there with me, Sue Skeates of UNBC for giving me a place to crash and letting me regale her and Toby with tales of the Okal Rel Universe half the night on Tuesday in exchange for a few of their fascinating middle-east stories (I should have got a picture of the free water stations Toby has on the kitchen wall), Cafenara for letting us meet there, Anna at Misty River Books for her hospitable directions and advice concerning contacts, teacher Al Lehmann of Caledonia Senior Secondary School and his creative writing class (pictures soon), and English teachers Graham Wojdak and Shannon Benmore of Skeena Junior Secondary School. And to David Lewis for taking lots of great pictures. (I didn't get down all the names of other picture-takers.) Also dropped in on the Terrace public library to leave a copy of Part 3: Pretenders. So I hope they get the set in for any inspired readers who can't lay hands on one of the books I gave away over the three days of my visit. Made it home safely but late on Thursday night to discover Angela had finished re-reading Part 1: The Courtesan Prince and was already a couple chapters into Part 2: Righteous Anger and spotting all the foreshadowing concerning Beryl's shocking behavior at the end of the book. Tee hee. It's lovely when loved ones get "into it" and can have a chuckle fest with me about details.

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Thursday, April 02, 2009
Visit to Dr. Rob Budde's Canlit Class
Science Fiction author Lynda Williams visits Canadian Literature class of Dr. Robert Budde Talked with the students of Dr. Robert Budde's Canadian Literature class about my take on being marginal and Canadian in the field of science fiction. Dr. Rob is one of my favorite poets and a gift to the arts in Prince George as a writer, organizer and teacher. I was proud to see him clutch his copy of The Courtesan Prince when I was giving away the books at the front of the class, lest I accidentally give it away, too. Most grateful to the students of the class for requesting me as their second guest writer from the local set. Poet Barry McKinnon was the other one they asked for.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lynda presenting Amel and Identity paper at Cyber3 Mansfield College Oxford July 2008 I got a little long winded at the 15 minute presentation and got through only the first half of what I had prepared to present at my actual talk, during the July 1-3 conference. I wasn't the only one challenged by the short time frame (which I thoroughly approved of!) but felt a bit chagrined because the first half of the paper is "all about me". That is, it explores how my life experience brought me to the conclusion identity is central to the two big Good Things I care about: the integrity to be ethical and the ability to 'soul touch' others. After that I explain how Amel represents a thought experiment in identity-resilience and why an approach to problem solving I call 'naked virtuality' might be useful in fields other than authorship. But people can read all about it if they want the rest of it. Arriving at identity as core to the Good Life was important. I've got more pictures from the cyber3 conference, Vision of Humanity in Cyberspace celebrating the very interesting people I met there and places I saw. When David gets back, he'll do me an event page for it.

Draft Paper Below

DRAFT copy of Character as Virtual Reality Experiment in Identity by Lynda Williams (PDF)

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Thursday, June 19, 2008
Author Lynda Williams presents first prize award to contestant Shedun Wasti for West End Writers contest June 2008
Author Lynda Williams was pleased to do critiques of short-listed stories with the West End Writers group, June 17, 2008 at Barclay Manor. Among those attending were: Karen Squire, Shedun Wasti, Lara Sleath, Devin Elizabeth, Mari Kane, Patricia Morris, Patricia Evans, Femi Agbayewa, Keith Mabbs, CN Lucas, G. Swasti and Tom de Rybel. First prize went to Shedun Wasti for his Vancouver bus-riding story, "Who is Stupid, Now?" Second prize was for the poem "The Uninvited Poet" and third was awarded to the hitchhiking story "Driving Under the Influence".

>On Tue, 17 Jun 2008 23:13:58 -0700, KLMabbs wrote:
> Have a great trip home Lynda. Be safe. You were great tonight, the
> comments were very honest and that is sometimes very rare in the
> world today.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Lynda talks to art students
On June 16th Lynda invited art students from D.P.Todd Secondary School to create Okal Rel Universe art for the launch of Pretenders on September 30th 2008.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008
Lynda talks to Art students
Lynda talks to art studentsOn June 11th Lynda invited art students from College Heights Secondary School to create Okal Rel Universe art for the launch of Pretenders on September 30th 2008.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008
Lynda Williams on the program at VCON 33: October 3-5, 2008 at The Compass Point Inn VCON 33 is getting its programming pages up. Here's my bio. There will be an Okal Rel Universe event. Calling all con-goers game to take part to turn out. ORU Events feature supporters and contributors giving short presentations from short readings of favorite passages to fighting demos, making connections, showing ORU-inspired art, statements, or modeling ORU costumes. We've had great turn outs for these in Calgary and Prince George but this will be the first time in Vancouver, so I'm a bit nervous! Search "okal rel" on youtube for video of last event in Prince George.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008
Thank you note from teacher Rita McInnis for April 24 visit by Lynda Williams, author of the Okal Rel Saga, to DP Todd Secondary School Received a lovely "thank you" from Rita McInnis of DP Todd Secondary School about the visit David and I made there on April 24. PS I love her tag line - Live each day to the fullest!. It's good advice. Thank you for having us Rita!

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Sunday, April 27, 2008
Lynda Williams presents the Okal Rel Universe to DP Todd students April 24 2008, with help from volunteer reader Nicole and a bit of sword play
Much thanks to teacher Rita McInnis-Ryan, David Lott, student Nicole and other volunteers who helped connect students at D.P. Todd Secondary School with the Okal Rel Universe Thursday, April 24, 2008. David Lott helped me set up, modeled the Ann T-Shirt and put up a page for the April 24 2008 Visit to DP Todd. We had a reading by Nicole (center in picture) and some mock duels as well as slide shows, questions and a book giveaway to students interested in doing art, skits, dress up or otherwise strutting their own interpretations of the ORU for the launch of Book #3, Pretenders, in September at the Prince George Public Library.

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Monday, April 07, 2008
Kristin C. Ft. St. John
Kristin C. of Ft. St. John one of two recipients of Courtesan Prince post appearance by author Lynda Williams in UNBC English class

A snip of an e-mail exchange with Kristin C. of Ft. St. John, who was one of two participants in Dr. Marian Scholtmeijer?s class ENGL 486, Literature of the Fantastic, who received copies of Courtesan Prince after my guest appearance by audio conference, March 29. I enjoyed an exchange of e-mails with Kristin after and obtained her permission to blog a "slice of life" snip from one. :-) A book also went to Harold Feddersen. Much thanks to Marian and her students for having me as a guest to discuss identity issues in Courtesan Prince.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008
Lynda Williams featured on Ask and Edge Author audio gizmo in March 2008 Surf to the Edge website for some audio clips of me answering questions. Working on making them shorter and shorter, like beads on a necklace. Many beads still amount to something substantial but each is more accessible. My way of simultaneously bowing to and rebelling against the sound-byte phenomenon.

  • I was a special guest in Dr. Marian Scholtmeijer?s ENGL 486, Literature of the Fantastic, class on March 29. Had a good time. Give away copies of Courtesan Prince are being sent to student participants Kristin C. and Marold Feddersen. Next event I'm looking forward to is appearing in Rita McInnis-Ryan's enriched English class at D.P. Todd Secondary School, in April.

  • First Expansion mailing list still down due to port to new hardware by the ORU's hosting service. My husband and webmaster David Lott is in Vienna on a special trip to see old friends, so I won't be able to fix or re-construct until he gets home.

  • Heard exciting news about Alison Sinclair through the grape vine! She's sold a triology to ROC. I've sent congratulations.

  • Steph has out a video interview with Nina Munteanu on site at her Chapters signing.

  • I've seen the draft cover of Pretenders, Book #3 of the Okal Rel Saga. Disappointed Echo couldn't do it due to illness but delighted Brian Hades was able to find an artist to make the very tight deadline. Di Mon is on the cover, with the Monatese library for backdrop, and framed in green marble.

  • Had a wonderful coffee meeting with Rémi Despres-Smyth, a master enterprise programmer and the partner of Prince George's own Garth Frizzell, CEO of Terra Cognita, to discuss his reactions to Righteous Anger and the saga, in general. Programmer/analysts seem to be one of the demographics the ORU appeals to and I am particularly honored to count Rémi as an engaged reader.

  • Kept new reader Heather Ouelette, a faculty member in the UNBC Nursing Program, up very late finishing Courtesan Prince [evil gleeful laugh]. Her husband had to take the book away from her.

  • Finally getting to read Courtesan Prince to my two younger daughters, oth teenagers. Gratified by their interest. It isn't a given that one's own family will be "into" one's fiction. Especially not teenagers.

  • Planning to meet with Craig Bowlsby in Vancouver mid-April to discuss his novella from Horth's period in Bryllit's fleet.

  • Been skyping back and forth with Justyn Perry of Edge about various things, and exchanging e-mail with Brian Hades about Pretenders. Justyn has me thinking about doing an ORU podcast with longer readings, discussions, interviews, etc.

  • Engaged Jill Bell, the book chick, to help me with the Big Move from Windstorm Creative to Edge for the works in the extended series. Still getting my act together on this front as I work with Edge to put Pretenders to bed. :-)

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007
Quantum Leaps In Terrace
Lynda Williams keynote speaker at Quantum Leaps in Terrace, B.C.

Delighted to be keynote speaker at Quantum Leaps in Terrace, B.C., Nov 29. I'll be talking about how studying science and technology can lead young women into creative places, like writing science fiction, with lots of meaningful work and exciting stops along the way.

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